VMware virtual machine to AWS

About The Customer: Our customer is a leading IT consultant and service provider to various Fortune 500 customers in North America. The customer had a lot of VM machines in multiple channel data centers all across the world.   The Need: Our customer has been using an on-premise data center which faced many issues such as:
  1. Upfront hardware and software cost
  2. Difficulty in capacity building and deployment
  3. Required dedicated resources for maintaining the data center
They have felt the need to migrate to a cloud-based data center which would reap them far-reaching business returns.

Our Solution: A great quality time was invested to understand the existing environment and correlating/building a suitable AWS environment, which was achieved based on the following factors:

  1. Comparing cost consumed in the CapEx / Data Center vs AWS Cloud environment, and finding the benefits of Return On Investment
  2.  Defining the required hardware and software environment over the AWS
  3.  Ascertaining the cloud model private/public/hybrid
  4.  Ensuring the data security and layout the compliance that is to be followed
  5.  Analyzing the feasibility for Horizontal/Vertical scalability of the environment

Result :

  1. 35% reduced infrastructure cost
  2. Successfully supports 1,000 requests per second
  3. Data migrated from on-premises to AWS
  4. 62% increase in economies of scale after moving to AWS cloud
  5. 99.99% availability of servers