Modernize Applications

Innovate faster, Save on Costs and Reduce Risk

In today’s Digital Transformation age, modernizing your business applications is an inevitable aspect of doing business.  With Global Clouds, you get to decide on how to migrate your applications and at what pace, leveraging the industry’s best practices. We partner our customers on a journey to modernize their applications by making them more agile, data-driven, and cloud-native.

Our specialties:

    1. Microservices
    2. Serverless Computing
    3. Cloud Migration
    4. Cloud Governance
    5. Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery
    6. Application Containerization
    7. Multi-Cloud Solutions
    8. Infrastructure Automation

How to Grow Your Business Through Application Modernization?

               Infinite Scale

    1. Leverage the power of the cloud to increase the elasticity and responsiveness of your applications to scale faster.  
    2. Avoid guessing capacity by scaling your system based on the actual data coming into it
    3. Avoid downtimes by provisioning self-healing systems in case of failures to get the maximum business value 

                 Global Reach

    1. Reach your customers across the globe by taking advantage of cloud global infrastructure
    2. Modernizing your application into smaller components can help you spend your IT budget more efficiently. 
    3. Innovate faster leveraging DevOps tools and technologies such as automation, containerization, and continuous integration/continuous delivery

              Speed & Agility

    1. Achieve speed and agility by focussing on the business problem rather than worrying about IT infrastructure
    2. Provide lightning-fast responses to your customers at any scale, all across the globe
    3. Innovate faster at a global scale when you move from on-premises to the cloud

Why Global Clouds Consultants?

Global Clouds has a proven track record of creating successful business outcomes through application modernization.

Our approach:

As AWS Select Partners, our approach consists of a three-phase journey that helps you achieve your migration goals by reducing migration complexity and costs.

    1. Assess Your Readiness
    2. Mobilize Your Resources
    3. Migrate and modernize  your workloads


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