Cloud Disaster Recovery

A comprehensive disaster recovery plan is most important for your company’s cyber resilience and recovery capabilities


Traditional disaster recovery involves building a remote disaster recovery (DR) site, which requires constant maintenance and support. On the other hand, Cloud disaster
recovery is a cloud computing service that allows for storing and recovering
system data on a remote public cloud (AWS and Azure) platform.

Global Clouds Consultants’s cloud disaster recovery solution allows organizations to increase flexibility, reduce costs, and complexity.  We provide automated DR processes and ensure customers are prepared for any potential disaster situation.   

Benefits of Cloud Disaster Recovery

Flexibility and reduced downtime: It offers organizations a way to get systems back online much quicker during an IT disaster, minimizing the manual processes of traditional recovery methods.

Reliability : It allows organizations to test their recovery point objective and recovery time objective most accurately

Simplification and efficiency: A cloud model offers consistency and simplified management.

Auto deployment :  Automation help to set up DR without much training or added headcount.

Cost-effectiveness: This also enables shifting costs from non-recurring (capital expense) to recurring (operational).




We facilitate the path to developing a foolproof disaster recovery plan. To gain the most out of your cloud-based disaster recovery initiatives. Contact Global Clouds Consultants