Customer References

Customer References ​


We were in need of extensive advice regarding all aspects of our computers, internal network, internet services, website development and cloud services. Hiren and his team are extremely knowledgeable, courteous and prompt. We are very pleased we made the decision to choose Global Clouds Inc. as our trusted advisor. If you are looking for hassle-free IT solutions, take the time to talk to Global Clouds.

K. Sharma (Director, Versatile Technologies) 


I would like to thank GlobalClouds for helping us to understand migration options for our windows workloads into AWS cloud. I would highly recommend GlobalClouds as they have very knowledgeable, thoughtful and awesome instructor!!

Anuja Joshi,


Working with Global Clouds Consultants Inc. is a nice experience for my entire team. Our team was a little worried as it was the first time we planned to use AWS service on a larger scale. Same time all team members were excited to work with Global Clouds knowing their skills and well-thought migration procedure. Since their first email, we got a complete process for What, When and How we will perform the steps till going live.
As usually happened in all projects, we also got some challenges at different stages but with a clear understanding of AWS services and long-term vision, Global Clouds Inc. guided us well. Global Clouds suggested a AWS clouds HA solution with Amazon Application Load Balancer, Amazon EC2 Autoscaling, Windows IIS webserver on Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS With MySQL 8 as the database engine.
The application and on-premises database was successfully migrated to AWS within the agreed upon time frame. There's a 55% of cost reduction, compared with on-premises expenses. We are now planning to provide them next assignment to help us with cost estimates for reserved instances and to design a serverless solution for our workload. Hearty thanks to team Global Clouds Consultants. All the best for the rocking future.

Hiren Patel,