Cloud migration services


Cloud Migration

Cloud migration is vibrant for an organization looking to attain digital transformation


Understanding, how cloud migration can provide ultimate advantages to your business, and what is involved in a smooth migration is most important.

Global Clouds Consultants works with you to identify appropriate tools, technologies, and design the migration strategy for your organization. We analyze on-premises physical infrastructure and transfer it to the cloud. We provide systems that are more scalable, reliable, and cost-efficient.

Our cloud migration services handle migrations efficiently and get you up and running quickly

Multi-Cloud Approach

Global Clouds Consultants is a leading partner with every major cloud player in the industry. We help organizations to choose the best services from each cloud provider based on costs, technical requirements, geographic availability, etc. For example, a company can use AWS for development/test and disaster recovery, and Microsoft Azure to process business analytics data.

The multi-cloud approach is helping to accelerate cloud migration. Private multi-cloud connectivity offers an optimal environment, ranging from GDPR compliance, faster performance, and a better experience for your organization.

Cloud Migration Steps


We work with the customer to evaluate existing infrastructure, application & data to understand best-fit technologies, tools and security considerations based on the business needs.


Leveraging information from discovery & analysis, Global Clouds Consultants recommend the best migration strategy and service providers.


We map out a realistic project timeline and set key performance indicators to evaluate the success of the migration.


We make sure the migration should take place with minimal cost and without any service disruption.


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