Integrating Server-less architecture in a web application

How a leading global utility company harnessed the transformational power of the cloud at scale and speed to support an agile and responsive business for the digital era.

The Challenge: Our client was struggling to meet customer demands and IT was holding the company back from developing innovative products. The challenge was to determine customer sentiment in real-time based on a survey form filled in by the customer.

Our Approach : 

  1. Move away from a fixed cost to a consumption-based cost
  2. Minimize cost i.e. do it without adding any additional resources
  3. Real-time visibility into customer sentiment
  4. Minimal architectural changes
Our Solution:
  1. AWS Lambda to execute code in response to customer actions
  2. Leverage AWS Comprehend that uses machine learning to find insights and relationships in text
  3. Visualization using AWS Managed Services
Benefits : 
  1. Real-time processing & notification without any servers to manage
  2. Performance and cost savings at scale
  3. No machine learning experience required
Fit For The Future :
  1. Respond far faster and with greater flexibility to customer demand
  2. The client is able to develop and launch new products faster and compete for head to  head with the born-digital new-entrants – all supported by a robust, resilient and  secure future-roofed infrastructure